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Welcome, Parents!

Jessie B’s Academy provides excellent care to all students via a blended teaching atmosphere and doesn't have to be strictly within the school building. We welcome the average child and those who may have challenges with behavior, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, etc. from 6 weeks old to 13 years old.


Our Programs

Academic Enrichment

For 6-Weeks to Kindergarten  


Rise and shine, it is time for school! Our Academy curriculum is designed to build the foundation of our future leaders.

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Fun Learning Activities

For 6-Weeks to Kindergarten  


We bring fun back into learning with activities that encourage skills and engagement with all of our superstars!

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After School Care

For 6-Weeks to 13 Years Old


We offer before and after school care because we understand that school schedules don't always align with work schedules.

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Summer Camp 

For Pre-K to 6th

Fun Field Trips! Swimming! Outdoor Activities! And more?! Yes, indeed - our explorers and innovators enjoy 8 weeks of fun-filled & enriching experiences!

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Why Jessie B.'s Academy?

What Parents Are Saying!
What Parents Are Saying: "Thankful for the care and love of Miles at Jessie B.'s! "
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What Parents Are Saying: "Great with communicating and caring for students! "
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What Parents Are Saying: "A Safe Place for Your Kids!"
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